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Дима Билан
Дима Билан
05/19/19, 19:00, Brooklyn
'Барбоскины в киберпространстве“
'Барбоскины в киберпространстве“
03/09/19, 01:00, Brooklyn
Новогоднее представление для детей.
Новогоднее представление для детей.
12/22/18, 12:00, Brooklyn
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Сегодня 12/19/18
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“Celentano Tribute Show“

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Maurizio Scheweizer

For half a century, Adriano Celentano is the most beloved and controversial artist of the Italian show. Whatever he has done, he has always amazed, innovated, left his mark. Its thousand successes mark the history of three generations.

The natural physical and vocal resemblance of Maurizio Schweizer is the spark that ignites the show "TRIBUTE TO CELENTANO", fun and emotions chase each other among the beautiful songs of Molleggiato, beloved by an audience of all ages.
Professional singer already for many years, Maurizio is perfectly at home in Hadrian's voice, without forcing and with the same natural accent.
The voice certainly amazes, but the movements leave without words: the step, the gestures, the springs, the unmistakable way of dancing ... and always with ease and fluency.

To complete the magic, Maurizio wears costumes that are perfectly identical to those used by the famous in different periods of his long career.
Five different looks have been made in every detail, including vintage accessories.
The same maniacal care was dedicated to the musical part: the large staff allowed to recreate arrangements faithful to the original, performed by ten professional musicians.
Many funny moments are comic moments, extracted from Molleggiato films and concerts.
The three beautiful choristers are also involved in well-kept choreography, in perfect interaction with the protagonist.
The remarkable scenographic impact completes this high level production, starting from the gigantic ledwall backdrop, able to create extremely suggestive settings.

With hundreds of replicas active, the show does not fail to record record inflows in every square.
Unlike many tribute bands, the show also captures those who are not fans of Adriano Celentano.
The script is tight, flowing and fun; even the skeptic, even those who thought to stay a few minutes, is involved by Maurizio's sympathy until the last encore.

Even outside the national borders " Celentano Tribute Show" has achieved outstanding results.
Now well known in Russia, Maurizio is often a guest of television broadcasts, alongside great artists.
The concert at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow is memorable, a sold out of 7000 people, included in the great tour that has reached the Far East of the Russian nation.
In 2015 the show debuted successfully also in theaters of the United States of America and many others are already reached nations: France, Ukraine, Spain, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Cyprus, Moldova, Turkey ...

An international tribute band, dedicated to the best known Italian showman in the world.

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Экскурсия “Ожерелье Восточной Европы“ (Венгрия, Словакия, Австрия, Чехия) (11 дней)
Экскурсия “Ожерелье Восточной Европы“ (Венгрия, Словакия, Австрия, Чехия) (11 дней)
08/29/19, 17:30, New York

“Любовь по понедельникам“
“Любовь по понедельникам“
06/22/19, 19:00, Brooklyn

Театр им. Е. Вахтангова “Маскарад“
Театр им. Е. Вахтангова “Маскарад“
06/13/19, 19:30, New York

Дима Билан
Дима Билан
05/19/19, 19:00, Brooklyn

“Авантюристы поневоле“
“Авантюристы поневоле“
03/30/19, 19:00, Brooklyn

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